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  • Mesmerizing Mauritius 30 Jan 2015

    But it would be a shame if all that Filipinos knew about Mauritius is through the unfortunate misadventure of Babajee in local show biz. For the record, Mauritius is not too far away—nine hours and 45 minutes by plane from Hong Kong, where flag carri...

  • As Ebola 'fear factor' eases, African tourism edges back 29 Jan 2015

    NAIROBI (Reuters) - From the jungle-clad slopes of the Great Lakes to the game parks of South Africa, tourism is beginning to recover as the Ebola outbreak in a corner of the continent ebbs and...

  • Kenya lost over 100 rhinos in three years 29 Jan 2015

    Kenya lost over 100 rhinos to poachers in the last three years, raising fears that the country's total number of 1,000 rhinos could be wiped out, a government official said Wednesday.

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